Team Jenna

Erin Teater, Woman of Honor
Chicago, IL

Erin and Jenna have been besties for almost 14 years. They met in the Shepton marching band; Erin was a trumpet player and wore double french braids in her hair for their 7am rehearsals -- and Jenna thought she was so chic and stylish. Though Erin went off to the University of Texas for college and then to Argentina and Houston and Chicago and a bunch of other places and things happened, J&E have been there for each other through some TIMES. And oh, there have been some times.
Suggested conversation topics: Bigfoot, Texas, Tim Riggins.

Ian Banger, Bridesdude
Washington, D.C.

Ian and Jenna met in microcomputing class at the Cornell Hotel School, and he was the actual worst person in that (and every other) class because he would not shut up for one single second. Despite the rough intro, the two eventually became friends through Brett (below) -- and at some point he successfully taught Jenna just enough about finance to pass Managerial Accounting class. On the second try. Many nights at Rulloff's, bottles of cheap Riesling and heinous boyfriends/girlfriends later, Ian and Jenna remain a thing.
Suggested conversation topics: Wingz, why his Facebook profile picture was of Vanilla Ice from 2004-2006.

Danielle Squadrito, Brideswoman
Philadelphia, PA

Danielle and Jenna met during freshman orientation week at Cornell; D was wearing her standard Ralph Lauren polo with big pearls and carrying a Vera Bradley tote. The two hit it off almost immediately, and were inseparable through four years of fraternity formals, sorority crush parties, boys, booze, late nights, long summers and things that cannot be mentioned on this classy website. To this day, nobody 'gets it' the way Danielle does.
Suggested conversation topics: The Eagles, modern dance, the time we painted our living room Tiffany blue with purple trim.

Mike Bromberg, Best Brother
Revelstoke, British Columbia

Mike is Jenna's favorite and only older brother, who once delighted in ripping the heads off her Barbies and throwing them in the pool. In the 90s, he learned a fun word in the 'G' volume of the World Book Encyclopedia that went on to become Jenna's nickname for the rest of her life. Mike is a certified mountain guide living in Revelstoke, BC with his partner, Sarah, and their super cool baby daughter, Mira Juniper - we're honored that they could make the trek from Canada to be with us on our special day.
Suggested conversation topics: Mountain guiding, doggers, anything really.

Brett Rubin, Brideswoman

Brett and Jenna first met on the Cornell Class of 2008 forums (like, message boards; a primitive form of social networking) before their freshman year of college. Although she's petite, Jenna has always been able to look up to Brett: her drive, energy, adventurous spirit and openness are unmatched - and gurlfran sure knows how to get sh** done. After four years of college, a long stint in Vegas (she made it cool way before Britney) and one of the actual craziest jobs held by anyone at this wedding, Brett remains one of Jenna's very besties.
Suggested conversation topics: Hotels, Vegas, some football team we can't remember, Jersey.

Team Aaron

Kyle Thacker, Best Man
Kansas City, MO

This boisterous ginger is Aaron's slightly beefier, marginally taller, significantly louder younger brother and now best man. It's particularly notable that there seems to be nothing wrong with him after enduring years of Aaron and his buddies using Kyle as a crash test dummy, placing him in various homemade vehicles and pushing him down the basement stairs. Kyle enjoys golf, Crossfit, Cheez-Its, burritos and making sarcastic comments within 5 minutes of meeting someone. Let us know if he does anything weird.
Suggested conversation topics: Chipotle, cars, your mom.

Tom Hipp, Groomsman
Leawood, KS

Jenna just asked Aaron how long he has been friends with Tom so she could write this, and he said '30 minutes' because he's distracted by a video game. Cute. Anyway. Tom is one of two real tall dudes on Aaron's team, and these guys go back to 8th grade-ish. As young lads, they spent their time playing Super Smash Brothers and wall ball; as adults, they graduated to more grownup activities like cigar education and filming episodes of Beer Thursday. Now with two of the most beautiful children on the planet, Tom and his wife, Amber, have been amazing friends to Jenna and Aaron over the years - and we are so honored to have Mr. Hipp stand with us on our wedding day.
Suggested conversation topics: Film & television, Beer Thursday, KU.

Erin Clark, Groomslady
Ft. Worth, TX

Erin and 'Focker' met at some point during their sophomore year of high school. Since then, she has been the friend to turn to when he's needed someone to talk to -- and when he's needed someone to verbally assault someone else in his defense. Erin was a perfect prom date, relationship counselor, road trip buddy, Texas roommate, and fellow Chiefs fanatic, and now she's a super scary lawyer. So be nice to her.
Suggested conversation topics: Weenors (Dachshunds), The Chiefs, Taco Bell.

Mark Roland, Groomsman
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Mark and Aaron pretty much met moments after being born. There are not many 'firsts' that these two haven't done side-by-side: first grade, first tree climb, first firework, first bike wheelie, first-ever recorded fight over POGS, first can of WD-40, first clarinet, first car and now first wedding (ha). From digging 4ft holes in each others' backyards to taking 2,600 mile road trips, Aaron and Mark have been through it all together - and he could not be happier to have Mark by his side on this special day. Aaron's only regret is never beating Jackal.
Suggested conversation topics: His gadgets, his wife, his newborn baby.

Brian Woltkamp, Groomsman
Kansas City, MO

Brian Woltkamp is a force. He's the life of the party, and the most supportive and encouraging friend/cousin/buddy/driving instructor a guy or gal could ask for - in fact, the first time Jenna visited Aaron in KC, Aaron took her directly to Brian to make sure nobody felt uncomfortable. And nobody did...because Brian bought Jenna shots. We were both so honored to be a part of Brian's wedding to Ellen on New Year's Eve this year, and we hope to bring half as much love and energy to one room as those two did.
Suggested conversation topics: Cars, gingerness, extreme sports.

Team J+A

Shane Adams, Officiant
Olathe, KS

Shane met Jenna and Aaron the same way all good people meet each other: on the Internet. Kinda. Well, they technically met in Social Media Club, but that's pretty dorky. Shane has known the two of them since they became a real-life cohabitating couple in 2010, and has served as a professional and personal mentor to J+A individually. Shane is one of the warmest, kindest, most passionate people on this whole earth, and has agreed to officially pronounce them man & wife. He will probably the ceremony from an iPad.
Suggested conversation topics: Movies, Chipotle, Dreyfuss the dog.