THURSDAY NIGHT: Welcome Cocktail Party, 8:15 pm

Thursday, October 23 // 8:15 pm
Gram & Dun, 600 Ward Parkway, KC, MO 64112


Coming into town Thursday? Great! Mark + Jutta Bromberg invite you to a Wedding Eve cocktail reception welcoming all out-of-town guests to Kansas City. Come hungry: we'll have a selection of hearty bites, light desserts, snacks and adult beverages. The bride and groom would love to see you!

Gram & Dun is within walking distance of both official hotels.

RSVP is not required, but we'd love to know if you're going to be there (plus some other stuff). Please do us a solid and fill out the form below.

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FRIDAY DAYTIME: Explore the City. Do stuff. Eat BBQ. But not too much.

See J+A's favorite places here.

You're on your own for most of the day; lucky you! Shop on the Plaza; stop into The Better Cheddar and nibble on cheeses. Grab a REALLY light lunch somewhere.

We've been on enough early-morning flights to know that sometimes you can't check into your hotel before 2 or 3 pm. So if you're looking to kick it in a coffee shop, we suggest Kaldi's on the Plaza, The Roasterie in Brookside, or Latte Land downtown. There's also a Starbucks on the Plaza if you're into that. 

Looking to get primped but can't get into your room? No worries! MAC on the Plaza and Bare Escentuals on the Plaza will do makeup for you. Need nails? Go for Plaza Nails.

When you realize you forgot to pack shoes, socks, belts or jewels, a list of Country Club Plaza stores is conveniently located here.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Shuttles Leave Official Hotels for Ceremony

  • 3:45pm Guest Shuttle #1 Picks up at Raphael
  • 3:55pm Guest Shuttle #1 Picks up at Sheraton Country Club Plaza
  • 4:25pm Guest Shuttle #2 Picks up at Raphael
  • 4:35pm Guest Shuttle #2 Picks up at Sheraton
    *Missed the shuttle? Pick up an Uber or call a taxi: 816-444-4444 or 816-471-5000. There is also parking available at the venue.


Studio Dan Meiners/Pennway Place
2500 West Pennway St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

Cocktails, dinner and dancing to follow.

  • 10:00 pm guest shuttles back to hotels begin
  • 12:00 am last guest shuttle to hotels takes the last men standing.
  • 12:01 am Aaron's groomsmen decide it's time to rally at a dive bar.


Most guests will be headed out of KC on Saturday. If you choose to stick around, The Raphael does a fancy & fabulous jazz brunch. If you're down for a pancake the size of your face, Succotash is your spot.