We may have told you a slightly more grandparent-friendly version of this story before. Sorry.


It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time before Aaron had a Twitter account. It was long before the word 'selfie' became part of our cultural lexicon; before Instagram; before the second-gen iPhone was even a thing. It was a time when Tumblr was still a cool blogging platform for twentysomthings -- in an era where 'cool' and 'blogging platform' belonged in the same sentence.

It was 2007, and Aaron and Jenna each had a blog on Tumblr. They were avid readers of each others' writing (we'll use 'writing' loosely) and gleefully left snarky comments for one another. She thought he was cute; he thought she was the most hilarious and charming person on the whole wide Internet. Then they started emailing. Emails turned to instant messages. IMs turned to texts and phone calls. In 2008, they met in person and nobody turned out to be a serial killer.

One year and many LGA > KCI flights later, Jenna moved from NYC to Kansas City to live in Aaron's loft.

Soon, they got a cat. And then they moved to Dallas. And then they got married.